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Matrix Creations Inc


Contact Information

COMPANY NAME:                 Matrix Creations

DATE:                                          01/04/22

REPORTING PERIOD:             01/04/21 – 01/04/22


Human Rights

We conduct a Human Rights Due Diligence in our operation of Trading as well as in our supply chain. We promote the RJC CoP as responsible Business Practices amongst our Business Associates through discussions. We have not found any Human Rights impacts in our operations or supply chain.

We find that RJC Membership has contributed to enhanced compliance with the Responsible Business Practice requirements.

Matrix Creations has not identified any adverse human rights issues during our due diligence activities. We have also provoded training using RJC Modules to our staff.


Contact Information

COMPANY NAME:                 Matrix Creations

DATE:                                          1/4/2022

REPORTING PERIOD:             1/4/21 to 1/4/22

CONTACT:                                 Liya Zeltsman


Matrix Creations have Ethical Business Policy and Supply Chain Policy in place, detailing our commitment to respect human rights throughout our supply chain and our supply chain due diligence on the following minerals, Diamonds, Coloured GemStones, Silver & Gold. We do  not source from conflict affected or high risk areas.These policies can also be accessed by our internal stakeholders Display in the Office and externally by e-mail or by personal engagement. The policies are also made publicly abailable on the website.

To support supply chain due diligence, we have implemented the following internal measures. We have e-mailed our supply chain policy to all our suppliers and have asked a confirmation from them that they comply with the requirements. The process is managed by the Accounts. The President also engages with the suppliers at every order.

Matrix Creations  have established a system of controls and transparency over our supply chain, which include our approach for identifying suppliers who are able to give a warranty as per the requirements of the World Diamond Council and Dodd Frank Act. And OECD Guidelines

As a company we communicate our expectations regarding human rights and supply chain due diligence by We engage with out suppliers at every order. The outcome of doing so has been that there are no Red Flags in our supply chain.

Grievance can be raised on about any Human Rights Issues and it shall be investigated by Accounts. No grievances have been raised.


We have mapped our suppliers, engaged with them and checked for any Red Flags. We have not identified any Human Rights Risks related to any supplier in our supply chain.All our suppliers are known and verified and we have long term relationship with them. No actions are currently planned. None of our suppliers are from CAHRAs.


Our risk assessment findings are received by Accounts. The Risk Assessment also includes Supply Chain Human Right’s Risks.

All the identified risks are adequately controlled. We have used the RJC Template for Risk Assessment and the controls are identified.

We have used the RJC Training modules for Trainings. This declaration is made available on the website as our endeavour to promote responsible business practices.


Matrix Creations is certified RJC Member and has since updated the management system in conformance wioth RJC CoP 2019. Third party audit will be conducted along with the RJC CoP 2019 audit by the auditor in January 2023


Contact Information

COMPANY NAME:                 Matrix Creations

DATE:                                          01/04/2022

REPORTING PERIOD:             01/04/21 to 01/04/22

CONTACT:                                 Liya Zeltsman

Matrix Creations have identified no issues regarding our use of natural resources. As a business we monitor our use of energy and water and we have identified that all the use is for domestic purpose. We monitor the use through the Bills from the building.

We switch off the lights when not required and use water only as and when required. The trading process does not use any water. The potential risks are identified and adequate controls are implemented to mitigqate the risks.